uhhuh It's like an itch.
It's like an itch.

My mind is filled with nothing but static and smoke.
Post-game Miles Upshur from the game Outlast.

(Open universe and Multiship friendly!)



He looked around the room, nervous. “I think you know what i meant” He said quietly, but he was sure Miles heard it. He sat down on a couch on the right side of the room and, without looking him directly, he made it clear: “I was at Mount Massive. I worked there. And I sent the e-mail.” 


He looked at him in shock. Did he just hear what he just said?


"You did….What?"

All along, the man behind it all was right in front of him.

Then, he heard it. The static. It was quiet at first, but then it started to increase in volume. The man who caused you to go through hell is right there. It would…It would be so easy to kill this man. Right here, right now.

No, no, no. He shouldn’t do that. But what should he do? Just let this guy go and live on with his life without punishment? 

He just has to think for a while. 



It wasn’t a great start. “Maybe you need to” he added, walked closer just a little more. They both stayed quiet for a couple of seconds. “Because… I’ve been there too…”


Well, ain’t this guy trying to get into his business. In fact, it’s making him feel a little suspicious.

"…What do you mean you’ve been there too?"

The man inching up to him was also making him slightly uncomfortable. There isn’t something quite right with this guy. Why is he asking him these questions? He stares at him for a few seconds. He thought that he saw this guy somewhere…



He just… he just stared at him. He hadn’t the courage to say “Hey there, I’m the guy who sent you to the most traumatic event of your life” or something like that, he emotionally couldn’t. Waylon knows he is a weak guy if we are talking about honesty, too. He feels like telling the truth, always, so he avoided the question.

"What… what happened to your fingers?" Walked closer to him, making very noticeable his limp on his right leg. 



He was expecting that question sometime. Of course, he won’t answer that. It’s not a good thing to be reminded of. He just sighed and said,

"…I don’t want to talk about it."

He noticed the slight limp that the man had. He didn’t want to ask anything about that, though. He guesses that it must have been from an accident.



"So you are Miles Upshur." Waylon said, breathing heavily. He had escape from his room in the moment he knew that Miles when out of Mount Massive too, almost at the same time. Miles didnt know him, but Waylon sure does, and he felt guilty… Maybe if he hadnt sent the e-mail nothing of this would had happened to him. In the first look he noticed Miles was missing two fingers, making him feel worse.


"Yeah…Who are you?"

He swore that he saw that face somewhere before. He can’t remember when or where, though. Memories after Mount Massive were very blurry. He noticed the man was looking at his hands. Of course, almost everyone does that when they see him for the first time. And it bothers him when the first thing they notice is his missing fingers. But he also noticed the expression he was making. Was it sympathy? Must be. but he felt it might be more then just that. 

2 people have entered room 106

When he heard the door open, he was expecting a doctor. Instead, he saw a complete stranger standing by the door. Well, it’s surprising to see a visitor come in for once, especially if it’s someone he’s never met before.

"Oh, hey. Um… Do you need anything?"


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-Anon about the meds- Yeah that seems to make more sense. (Zoloft) Also A+ FC.

(Okay then.

And thanks! I really thought that that Jake Gyllenhaal was the perfect FC for my muse.))

(okay, fixed up the medications in the about page))

Why do you have Miles on paxil if it's for premenstrual dysphoric disorder, treats hot flashes caused by menopause, and has a "pregnancy" risk (troubles may occur if pregnant)? Sure it does help with things like OCD or PTSD, but also things that only females have? Has it ever been recommended to males before?

I looked on a page for medication for PTSD. I think I should’ve done some more research. Maybe I should change the medication to something like Zoloft?))

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